student Expereinces 

Below are messages and experiences from some of Dani's students. 



Dani doesn't just teach yoga, or guide you through poses and postures - she infuses your practice with wisdom, inventive movement, and truth. I leave every class with the "this is just what I needed and didn't even know it" feeling. She has a deep knowledge of yoga, the body, mind, and spirit, and continues to explore her own practice to share with us. Dani also shares beautiful personal trials and insights that inspire me to think deeply and practice more authentically. I can't recommend Dani as a teacher enough. And yes, she is actually as cheerful as she seems - it's just who she is!



Although I've only had the chance to take 1 of Dani's class before I moved from the US, I absolutely LOVED IT. I still remember it was her first class back to teaching post her baby, and everything about it was so, so great, from the theme, to her on point cues, and just making the flow itself accessible for all levels. Dani is such a beautiful soul, even after class she came up and greeted me, and I love that she really makes the effort to get to know her students past the mat. Thank you so much Dani, and you can bet the next time I'm back in Cali I'll be back.



Whenever I'm introducing yoga to someone who has never practiced before, I always bring them to Dani's class because she embodies the perfect balance of a deep spiritual thoughtful practice with a light fun humorous attitude which make this new experience less intimidating. I want people to fall in love with yoga so they continue to find their own practice and I believe Danny is the perfect person to get people excited about incorporating yoga in their life. I have truly enjoyed every single class of Dani's that I've been in. Not only do I always find the perfect message I need to hear but I am also always laughing and smiling.


My new favorite class of Dani's is her guided meditation. I love that she introduces different forms of meditation and is available afterwards to talk about how I'm able to incorporate meditation and to my daily routine.



Dani has a way of guiding not only your body but your energy on the mat. Her passion for her craft shines through as she guides you through each posture. I love her restore class and how she incorporated Chakra energy clearing and essential oils. I leave her class feeling clear, relaxed and grounded! Can't wait to take another class! Xo









Yoga with Dani is a journey of self discovery, self improvement, joy and surprise. Her passion for yoga as a way of life is evident in everything Dani does. As a teacher she is compassionate, generous and, yes, challenging. I love the ideas she brings to class and the inspirational quotes she introduces to focus our practice. Always growing and learning as a yogi herself, Dani encourages her students to be fearless both on and off the mat as we move together to create a mindful and caring community.