Essential FAQs about Essential Oils


Can I used the vitality oils topically?

Yes Yes and more YEs! These oils are labeled for dietary used but can absolutely be used the same way as any other essential oil.

Which essential oils are photosensitive?

can they burn my skin?

Some single essential oils and blends can cause photosensitivity and may cause burns if you are exposed to sunlight after applying the oil directly to your skin. Some of the most popular oils that fit in this category are: Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Peace & Calming, Citrus Fresh, and Joy. There are also risks associated with other oils. REAd the caution label on the back of every oil, so that you can experience the fantastic benefits they offer to the fullest.

Can I use essential oils around/on my pets?

You can absolutely share your love of oils with your pets, but not all oils are beneficial for your precious fur-babies.

Avoid using high-phenol oils such as Oregano, Wintergreen, Clove, Mountain Savory, and Thyme. Make sure you read the label on the back for directed usage- topical, aromatic, or ingested as a dietary supplement.

Young living also offers a Full line of animal-specific products, including essential oil blends made just for animals, cat treats, dental pet chers, and Animal scents shampoo!

*if your pet or animal has a known health issue, please consult your veterinarian before administering essential oils.

Can young living essential oils be safely ingested?

YES! Some essentail oils have HUGe positive health effects when ingested. WE use lemon and/or lime essential oil in our water daily, and put frankensceience or Copaiba vitality in our Ningxia Red often. Digize vitality is a must-have (especially while traveling or after a big holiday meal). You may with to use caution not to overuse essential oils by mouth as they can cause gastrointestinal upset and can deplete gluthathoine. make smart decisions for your body


What is seed to seal?

Seed to seal is Young Livings guarantee to making sure you recieve the highest quality essentail oil product possible. The three pillars of Young Livings Seed to seal commitment are: Sourcing, Science, and Standards.

essentially this means that all young living products are sourced from the best soil and most committed farmers, has industry leading science and third party testing ensuring the highest quality oil production, and top-tier standards on what PRODUCTS make it into the bottle.

for more information check out

Why do some oils have saftey caps and some are package separately?

to meet specific FDA requirements

what are essential oils?

essential oils are distilled from botanicals, plants, and trees. they capture the WELLNESS SUPPORTING power of their source and can be used for emotional uplifting, supporting physical wellness, and MAINTAINING and chemical free home and life! There are many oils and blends AVAILABLE, each with a specific PURPOSE.

How can essential Oils be used?

Essential oils can be used aromatically (inhaled), applied topically to the skin, or ingested by mouth.

What do ESSENTIAL oils support?

ESSENTIAL oils support POSITIVE, healthy feelings. They can also help support a healthy body. Products made with ESSENTIAL oils can be used for personal hydine, coking, and even home cleaning, which offers a healthier solution to brands that contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Does quality matter?

Definately. Take two carrots for example: one carrot is grown on an organic farm while another is sourced from a large field with depleted soils where toxic pesticides are used. Even though the carrots are both orange with green tops, their benefit to the body is drasticlaly different. Even 100% pure essential oils from a non-controlled farm will not have the quality of 100% pure oil Young Living. They operate their own farms with pristine growing conditions wthat go far beyond the mere organic qualificications.


Do Essential Oils Expire?

Essential oils do not exactly “expire” but they do oxidize, especially if not stored properly, and this can change the chemical profile and reduce the benefits that the oil may provide.

How are essential oils extracted from plants?

There are 4 methods of obtaining essential oils: steam DISTILLATION, resin tapping, cold pressing, or absolute extraction. The method of extraction depends on which plant the oil is being extracted from.

for more in depth information check out Lindsey Elmore’s book 50 Answers to Common Questions about essential ois or Dr David Stewart (PHD)’s book The Chemistry of essential oils made simple.

Where are Young Living ESSENTIAL OIls Sourced?

All young living oils are sourced from our corporate-owned farms, partner farms, or Seed to Seal- certified suppliers. Whether you’re using Young Living’s calming lavendar essential oils from Mona, Utah, or enjoying the fresh scent of Dorado Tzul essentail oil from Ecuador, rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality essential oils.

Why can i not just go and buy essential oils from the store?

Quality matters when it comes to ESSENTIAL oils. To get the full benefit of the oils produced they must be sourced from quality sites, manufactured with top level scienctific backing, and packaged in the safest and best method possible.

not all oils are equal!

Do you know why the lavender at the store is offered at such a low price? because the quality simply isnt there. in the same way lower quality produce and meat can be offered at a reduced price, the same thing is happening to ESSENTIAL oil products.

the simple truth is this:

you deserve the best… so why settle for less than that purly because of CONNIVENCE?

If you are using oils for the bealth benefits then quality matters more than you realize. give yourself the best to RECEIVE the best. period.