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Online Yoga Class with Dani *FREE*


Online Yoga Class

with Dani

Reserve your spot to take yoga with Dani from the comfort of your own home!

A message from Dani:


Hi Friends!!

I understand that as much as we would like to make it to our favorite yoga class (or any class for that matter!) sometimes life happens and it doesn’t work out. My hope is to be able to bring the full experience of taking yoga with me right into your home, and for FREE!

My intention is to be able to offer this online class 1-2x a month so that we can grow together. All you will need is a yoga mat, your computer, and 1-2 blocks (or a chair!). It will be as all my classes are an ALL LEVELS FLOW! I will ask at the beginning what injuries/skill level you are at and customize the experience based on the information provided.

Here’s the thing! We need 20 people to RSVP to this event to make it happen! So tell your friends/family/loved ones to reserve their space today! Fill out our RSVP form below with your name and email to get your official ZOOM link. (Zoom will be the online forum we will use to provide the best sound/view!) I cant wait to flow with you!!!!

With love and light,


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Into to Essential Oils *ONLINE*

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Intro to Essential Oils

online workshop with Dani

Join Dani in this 1 hour introduction to essential oils and how they can change your entire life!

A message from Dani:

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Hi Friends,

Anyone who has met me or followed my journey on social media knows how much I LOVE essential oils. Trust me when I say that I have tried them all over the years and discovered some unbelievable things about the essential oil industry and, who makes the best oils. PERIOD.

In this workshop I want to save you the hassle of diving into an endless sea of internet-provided-information and share with you all that I have learned over the past DECADE of research, use, and compiled interviews with oil companies and their representatives.

I will go over not only how you can use them to improve your overall PHYSICAL HEALTH and how they can be incorporated into your life to improve your MENTAL HEALTH and EMOTIONAL WELLNESS as well!

I have loved sharing this information with fellow yoga teachers, health coaches, luxury gyms, nutritionists, and educators and now I am thrilled at the chance to share it all with you too!

This one hour workshop will be completely FREE and ONLINE! The best part? If you aren’t able to make it on the day of our event, the video will be up for you to watch up to a WEEK after! WOO HOO!

RSVP below to claim your spot! Not sure if you’re ready to improve your life with essential oils? No worries! The only thing I have heard from people who waited to attend these lectures is that they just wish they had started sooner! NOW IS YOUR TIME!

I cant wait to see you online! Snag your spot today!



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Preparing for Your Best Postpartum

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Postpartum Prep

an online workshop to help you prepare for what happens after baby arrives.

Postpartum is a world full of precious moments of firsts.

Baby’s first smile, first bath, first time meeting pets or siblings. It is truly magical. But the other side of Postpartum, the one spoken about far less often is what the experience is like mentally and physically on mom and dad.

Yes, Postpartum is special. NO ONE WILL ARGUE THAT MORE THAN ME! But its also a time that can be filled with anxiety, stress, unexpected illness, and sometimes healing from traumatic birth experiences, such as an unexpected emergency C section when you had planned a home birth…and I want to help you prepare for your BEST POSTPARTUM EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

I was ill prepared for what postpartum actually meant for me AND the unexacting things that came along with running a business while stretching my new mom legs. Thats why I have created this workshop! After becoming a mom myself, and my 2 years working along side OBs, Midwives, and doulas while researching different postpartum traditions from around the globe I can say that I have learned so much about what women really need to prepare for their best postpartum experience yet!

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In this online webinar we will discuss:

  • how to prepare yourself mentally & physically for the 40 days after you’ve welcomed your precious bundle of love into the world

  • how to prepare your home for the transition of singleton (or solo parents to a bouncing bunch)

  • easy meals that you can make ahead of time

  • links to breastfeeding support groups & online mama groups for you to engage in during those 2am feedings

  • the best supplements for a mom after birth

  • Additional postpartum support services & groups

  • our favorite books for the postpartum period

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Financial Freedom with Essential Oils *postponed to tomorrow 3/8*

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Financial FREEDOM & Essential Oils

Online Workshop with Dani

Take your love of essential oils to the next level & gain FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Learn how to start your own ONLINE business and create financial freedom for yourself and your family.

A message from Dani:

Dani CDM-94.jpg

Hi Guys!

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED TO SHARE THIS WORKSHOP WITH YOU!!!!! No, you don’t understand… this workshop is one that I have been developing for MONTHS so that I can help other people to get out of debt, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and START living their most abundant life.

I will be sharing my story and the stories of the people who taught me and our experience with Young Living Essential oils, as well as how I started and created my own business that got me out of 5 figures of debt and into my financial stability! Yes… you read that right… Essential Oils helped reduce my $30,000+ debt in 1 year!!!!

Here’s what Im going to cover during the live webinar event:  

Dani CDM-125.jpg
  • The exact strategy I use to generate over $30,000/year through online marketing

  • How I travel and earn a full time income from my laptop and smartphone

  • How to turn your own health conscious passions into an abundant stream of full-time income like I have

  • Some tips and tricks on how to monetize your personal usage of Essential Oils and how to OWN YOUR STORY!

  • Business strategies and software used to create abundance online.

I’m also going to answering your questions LIVE to make sure I cover everything you could want or need to know! 



I cant wait to see you there and help you achieve your financial dreams!

With love,


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